Lighting/ grip equipment in Guangzhou


Lighting/ grip equipment in Guangzhou
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SIC offer international clients with the best quality Film Gear, in good working shape, at a awesome rate. Contact us for budget, and if you can’t see what you are searching below, we usually can find it for you.|Film Gear Rent
As much as we work on the film camera, we also help our clients who need them, whether it’s Camera Equipment, or any other Light Equipment you’re looking for. Shoot In China can also arrange film-development if you need it.

lighting equipment rent in China| Film lighting
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We provide grip equipment, lighting equipment, production supplies and expendables. Everything you need for your next film or video production in China. From the smallest corporate video or indy shoot to a full blown feature film production, we look forward to helping you to put it all and grip kit hire in China Video grip

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